Why Donate

Newborns Need aims to raise over $60 million to transform neonatal care across Southern Alberta.

Help us ensure more families hear the words, “you can take your baby home today.”

Calgary Health Trust has unique perspective on healthcare matters that allows us to approach issues with the big picture in mind. As a charity, our approach to transforming care means taking on important issues that matter to our community. Newborns Need is one such campaign.

Making a Lifetime of Difference

Newborns Need is a transformative approach to newborn health, aiming to create world-class care from preconception through to prenatal and postnatal care – making a lifetime of difference for over 3,300 newborns and their families who are cared for in the NICU every year.

In partnership with Alberta Health Services, the Newborns Need campaign will develop world-class research, care, education and support for newborns, children and their families — primarily focusing on babies born prematurely and/or with health complications.

Creating the Best Possible Start

The moment your newborn baby is placed in your arms for the very first time is a moment of overwhelming joy. But some babies have to spend their first moments, days, or even months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Imagine a mom not being able to cuddle her newborn because they need to be placed in an incubator, or parents taking the first trip home from the hospital alone because their infant has to stay behind.

You can be an important part of that first car ride home for many families!

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Our Three Pronged Approach to Transformation

Approaching newborn health issues proactively through research and education is about making an investment in the future of all Albertans – so we can change the statistics and create healthy families right from the start.

By donating to the Newborns Need campaign, you will not only be making an investment in our future, you will also be making a lifetime of difference towards the long-term wellbeing of our newborns and their family by helping to build world-class infrastructure and investing in state-of-the-art technology.

At Calgary Health Trust, we are investing in a 360 approach to neonatal care across Southern Alberta!